Approximately 800 people turned out to help us to celebrate Pentecost on the 19th May at the Victoria Hall.  It was really special to come together and celebrate the launch for Passion for Bolton 2015 on which the Revd Paul Martin gave a presentation which was well received.

Members from various churches lit a candle each candle being placed on an image of a Dove to represent the Holy Spirit.  The Millennium Gospel Choir sang along with BL4 Band.  Nat Biney did a wonderful piece on the African drums. 

There was a special drama which contained many of the cast from Passion for Bolton 2011.

Our special thanks to all who helped and participated in the event.

Captain Fiona Broom of the Salvation Army thought it was an excellent event and well put together.  She  was paricularly impressed with the last part of the drama where Hope was brought into today’s terms.